Our hands on Security workshop for macOS is a completely hands on, lab based day where candidates will be taught the absolute security essentials of macOS. Based on the Practical Paranoia™ macOS 10.13 Security Essentials coursework, this one day session will give you the most comprehensive guide for securing data and communication on your home and office macOS computer.

Candidates will work on a dedicated macOS device and systematically set up a wide range of security solutions and measures for the device, learning about the various security threats available to macOS, and the measures available to prevent security threats from compromising your macOS system.

Who Should Attend:

  • Help desk specialists, technical coordinators, service technicians or IT professionals who need to effectively integrate and secure a Mac into their network.
  • Technical or power users who manage networks where macOS computers are required to be used.
  • Resellers, distributors, system integrators and consultants who are securing or integrating Mac computers into a Windows environment

What we will learn:

  • How to uniquely secure your macOS device against dataloss
  • How to secure your macOS device using passwords, the Keychain system and third party apps
  • How to manage your System and Application updates
  • How to secure your User Accounts
  • Building a full security solution for your storage devices
  • How to manage Malware and Spyware on your Mac
  • How to set up and Mange your Personal Firewall
  • How to set you and use Firmware Passwords on MacOS
  • How to enable and use Secure Web browsing
  • How to set up security measures within Mail
  • Enabling 2 Factor authentication on your Apple ID
  • How to secure your files and Documents
  • How to secure your Internet Activity
  • How to properly dispose your macOS device for sale

What you will receive:

Every candidate will receive a copy of the Practical Paranoid™ book and course materials, as well as a full instructor led classroom day where they will set up and manage a Mac using the technologies and methods available in the book. All refreshments and lunches are included.

The Practical Paranoid:

Marc Mintz is one of the most sought-after IT consultants and technical trainers in the United States. His technical support services and workshops have served hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals over the past three decades.

The Practical Paranoid class and textbook is designed to take any macOS user–from the novice with no technical skills, to experienced IT professional–through the process of fully encrypting and hardening the security of their computer, data, email, documents, network, Instant Messaging, storage devices, computer, iCloud, browsing, and entire Internet experience.

To book your session please enquire at training ( at ) core.co.za