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How to Book a Session:

Before looking at booking a session with Core Group Training, consider the following:

Have you met the prerequisites for the course:

While the prerequisites for the courses are optional, at Core Group Training we heavily recommend that you pay attention to them. All the courses are designed with an eye on existing knowledge, and are part of a pathway for a candidate. If you don’t meet the prerequisites, we suggest looking at obtaining those skills first, and then attending the course.

Are you an existing iStore Business customer?

If you are NOT an iStore Business client, or you are a private individual, this is perfectly okay. We just need to know this so we can know what account to debit for the training. If you are a new client, or a private client, we will need your details ( address etc ) so that we can create your pro forma invoice.

How many candidates are you looking to book?

When booking, we will need the following details of each candidate.

  • Candidate Name:

  • Candidate Mobile Number:

  • Candidate Email Address:

  • Candidate Manager email:

Do you have access to the training centres in either Cape Two or Johannesburg?

Please note that your travel arrangements and costs are not included in the cost of the course. We also start the courses strictly at 8h00 am in the morning, and so please consider your travel time and costs when considering what course you would like to attend.

Would you benefit from a group session onsite at your facility?

Core Group Training can deliver SOME of our courses onsite at your facility. If you are interested in this, please email us : hello@coregrouptraining.co.za

You can begin the process by following the following link:


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