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iOS Security and Privacy

The iOS Security and Privacy Workshop is a 4 hour Apple certified workshop where the attendees will learn about the security and privacy technologies built into iOS.

iOS devices provide businesses superior security and privacy features when used in their mobile strategy. Mobility provides enormous and sometime radical opportunities to businesses to reinvent how their workforce do their jobs. However, it's important to consider that mobility can also create specific security complications, especially with regards to the potential movement or misplacement of corporate data, and its potential mix with user data on the device. 

Rather than completely locking down the device, and thereby rendering it almost un-usable, iOS devices have integrated technologies that can be leveraged to keep corporate data safe. 

Administrators will need to understand these technologies in some depth, and see them in action so they can best formulate how they will best use and secure these devices when they are deployed. 

For this reason, in this workshop we will cover:

  • Identify the security and privacy posture for a device after Setup Assistant is complete

  • Explain the importance of a device passcode in protecting user and company data

  • Describe the built-in iOS features that help keep user and company data separate

  • Identify strategies to ensure that data is encrypted when it’s sent over networks to trusted hosts

  • Respond to misconceptions about iOS security and privacy

  • Help plan the security and privacy strategy for a successful iOS deployment

Course Topics: 

Setup Assistant

Participants review how the configuration choices made using Setup Assistant affect the security and privacy posture on a user-owned and a company-owned device.

Protecting data

Participants discover the role the device passcode plays in protecting data at rest on iOS. Participants also investigate how Touch ID improves security while it supports a great user experience.

Accessing app data

Participants discover how native technologies and features work together to ensure that apps follow strict rules about access to personal and company data.

Transmitting data

Participants learn about network security on iOS and review strategies to ensure that an iOS device will connect only to trusted hosts.

The prerequisites for attending these workshops:

To attend the these classes, we strongly recommend that the candidate has:

  • Basic computer navigational skills,

  • Basic understanding of networking

  • Basic background in help desk is preferred

  • If you are new too iOS, but have a background in tech support on other operating systems, we recommend attending our macOS Technical basics course before attending.

Working with Hands on Labs

At Core Group Training, we believe that the best way to learn is by doing it. All of our courses contain a high percentage of practical, hands on time on the technology, guided by an experienced trainer. 

The benefits of this approach are:

  • By learning in a hands-on environment, you engage deeply with materials and concepts, preparing you for problems you could encounter while on the job.

  • When you engage in hands-on learning, you become familiar with the way materials look, feel, and function. When you undergo hands-on training, you have the opportunity to work with your materials in a simulated real world environment.

  • Practical learning brings the topics to life - One study showed that students only remembered 20% of the information presented in lecture format, while students remembered 75% of information they learned firsthand.

  • By interacting and working in a discussion based learning environment, you often undertake practical projects that need you to consult with instructors and peers, and rely on the practical experience of others.

Core Group Training:

Core Group training is the full time training arm of Core Group South Africa, the distributor of macOS devices in South Africa. The training team are highly experienced, with multiple years of helpdesk and training experience: in fact, all we do is train exclusively on how to best use and support Apple technology.

This means our experienced Apple certified trainers have in-depth knowledge of the entire Apple ecosystem, from basic product training to advanced deployment and creative technologies. We use this advanced knowledge to better illustrate the technology in action, giving each candidate the benefit of our experience through better real world examples.

All our training sessions are conducted in an Apple Authorised training facility, using the latest devices and the latest updated technology. And, since we specialise completely in training, we offer advanced notes and video support to all our candidates to prepare for their examinations. 

To book your session, Follow the advice on our booking page:


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