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MacOS Technical Basics

What is macOS Technical Basics?

Getting started with supporting MacOS devices can be quite a challenge, especially if your background is primarily on a different operating system. And, if you don’t work on a Mac regularly, or you’ve never touched one before, it can take a while for you to feel at home with supporting your MacOS users. 

This is why we have designed MacOS Technical Basics: We wanted to provide a course that will introduce the Mac to support agents, allowing anyone with help desk experience or background to apply the knowledge they already have to the Mac, while also teaching the basics of how to use and support the Mac with best practices. 

MacOS Technical Basics is ideal for any support agent:

  • Looking to start supporting macOS in a business or educational institution 

  • Who is new to Mac and would like to learn how to support macOS using best practices 

  • Who requires a fast upskil on the basics for supporting the macOS operating system 

  • Any new-to-Mac support agents that require a course to familiarise themselves with how the Mac operates

  • In a management or supervisory role that needs to manage macOS Support Agents 

  • In addition, MacOS Technical Basics is also popular with advanced users who want to learn the basics of how to support their own ( or friends ) devices but do not require or want to pursue certification. 

Why MacOS Technical Basics and not Apple Certified Support Professional?

You can do both! MacOS Technical Basics is a perfect place for anyone to start on their journey to becoming an Apple Certified Support Professional. In fact, the main reason we have designed MacOS Technical Basics is to create a place where new or existing techs can be gradually and practically introduced to how a Mac works, and the best way to navigate and support the macOS operating system. For this reason, if you are new to a Mac, we recommend that you attend macOS Technical Basics first so that you have the pre-requisite knowledge to attend the ACSP course. 

The prerequisites for attending:

To attend this class, we strongly recommend that the candidate has:

  • Basic computer navigational skills,

  • Basic background in help desk is preferred

The syllabus:

MacOS Technical Basics is an interactive, lab based class where candidates will be given a MacOS device, and will explore how to configure, troubleshoot and support the platform. This process will be guided via hands on labs, discussions and short lectures from an experienced support trainer. 

You will cover:

  • How to use SetUp Assistant to configure a MacOS device and services

  • How to install, reinstall and troubleshoot installations of MacOS 

  • How to manage and use storage devices on MacOS

  • How to recognise, troubleshoot and use the filesystem on MacOS

  • How to navigate and use macOS effectively 

  • How to Create, Manage and Delete Users  

  • How to customise the user experience by adding services: - Add Email, Contacts and Calendar  - Add Network  - Add Printing  

  • How to manage, backup and migrate user data 

  • How to secure User and System Data using built in technologies on the device 

  • Understand Applications  in Action, and be able to support and troubleshoot apps on the Mac 

  • Understand how the Start Up sequence on the Mac works, and how to troubleshoot it 

Working with Hands on Labs

At Core Group Training, we believe that the best way to learn is by doing it. All of our courses contain a high percentage of practical, hands on time on the technology, guided by an experienced trainer. 

The benefits of this approach are:

  • By learning in a hands-on environment, you engage deeply with materials and concepts, preparing you for problems you could encounter while on the job.

  • When you engage in hands-on learning, you become familiar with the way materials look, feel, and function. When you undergo hands-on training, you have the opportunity to work with your materials in a simulated real world environment.

  • Practical learning brings the topics to life - One study showed that students only remembered 20% of the information presented in lecture format, while students remembered 75% of information they learned firsthand.

  • By interacting and working in a discussion based learning environment, you often undertake practical projects that need you to consult with instructors and peers, and rely on the practical experience of others.

Core Group Training:

Core Group training is the full time training arm of Core Group South Africa, the distributor of macOS devices in South Africa. The training team are highly experienced, with multiple years of helpdesk and training experience: in fact, all we do is train exclusively on how to best use and support Apple technology.

This means our experienced trainers have in-depth knowledge of the entire Apple ecosystem, from basic product training to advanced deployment and creative technologies. We use this advanced knowledge to better illustrate the technology in action, giving each candidate the benefit of our experience through better real world examples.

All our training sessions are conducted in an Apple Authorised training facility, using the latest devices and the latest updated technology. And, since we specialise completely in training, we offer advanced notes and video support to all our candidates to prepare for their examinations. 

To book your session, Follow the advice on our booking page:


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