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Managing Devices in Enterprise

iOS is the market leader in mobility in for business. Recent studies by data protection and file sharing company, Egnyte, that 82 percent of work done on mobile took place on iOS, while 25 percent of work done on a desktop was via macOS. So why are iOS devices so popular in business?

Utilising iOS devices in your business can offer you:

  • higher efficiency and productivity of staff

  • the quality and flexibility of service you offer your customers

  • increased ability to communicate in and out of the workplace

  • greater access to modern apps and services

IT also needs to consider the effect these devices will have on the business. 

  • The ability to integrate the iOS devices into existing systems, services and infrastructure.

  • The ability to balance the security and privacy requirements for business with mobile devices. 

  • How to easily deploy and manage devices in their enterprise 

  • Easy to manage lifecycle and upgrade management 

Core Group Training is proud to offer the following Apple Certified Training courses to address your needs and requirements for your organisation.

Short Workshops:

Apple Deployment Workshop:


iOS Security and Privacy Workshop:


iOS Network Integration Workshop: https://www.coregrouptraining.co.za/post/ios-network-integration-workshop

Full Course:

Apple Deployment Essentials:


To book your session, Follow the advice on our booking page:


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