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Why learn about macOS Technology?

Since the Mac launched in 1984, it has been at the forefront of innovation. In fact, it may surprise you that many of the innovations on the device you have in front of you were born on the Mac. 

The Mac has grown continuously while the total worldwide shipments of PC’s has declined, with higher and higher market share being reported every quarter. In fact, the Mac actually registered growth in its total shipped devices continuously since 1998, accounting for around 7% of total sales worldwide and around 9,5% of total desktop devices. 

The MacOS platform is growing massively in the education and enterprise space as well, with the introduction of education and enterprise based programmes for the better deployment and management of MacOS. In a 2017 study, Mobile device management software company Jamf notes that 74% of organizations saw an increase in Mac adoption and 76% an increase in iPhone and iPad adoption in 2016 versus the year before. 

This rapid adoption of Apple devices , by consumers, and now by prosumers in these institutions has lead to an increase in demand for Apple specialists for enterprise and education to support these devices. 

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